2024 Hyundai Kona revealed with several powertrains

Chris Teague

Chris Teague

2024 hyundai kona

Hyundai does small, useful vehicles very well. The Elantra, Venue, and Kona are all affordable and come packed with desirable features. The Kona is now aging deep into its first generation, but Hyundai just announced a major overhaul for the quirky SUV. Futuristic looks and compelling tech headline changes for the 2024 Hyundai Kona, but there’s more going on under the skin.

The new Kona will be offered with four powertrain options: EV, hybrid electric (HEV), internal combustion (ICE), and the high-performance Kona N. Hyundai said they all ride on the same platform, but each variant will get unique styling. Looking at the renders, it’s clear the SUV got a significant design overhaul. Where the first-generation Kona featured funky, busy front-end styling, the 2024 model gets a sleek, futuristic look with an LED light bar and varying lower grille designs depending on the configuration.

2024 hyundai kona

Hyundai wanted to maximize interior space, so the new Kona got an almost six-inch increase in overall length and a 2.4-inch boost for the wheelbase. That means better passenger and cargo space, and Hyundai increased its width by nearly an inch, affording more hip and shoulder room.

Unlike many EVs today, which are essentially gas vehicles adapted to hold a battery and electric motors, Hyundai started the new Kona with an EV design. It then worked backward to accommodate the gas and hybrid powertrain options. That process affords better interior space since there’s no need to shift the floor to fit a battery, and Hyundai says it enabled a more enriching tech experience for passengers.

2024 hyundai kona

The Kona gets 19-inch wheels finished in black or silver. The ICE and HEV variants get a more rugged look with a faux skid plate and black wheel arch cladding. The Kona EV features pixel-like styling, similar to the Ioniq 5 EV, which extends to the 19-inch wheels. 

Inside, Hyundai equips dual 12.3-inch displays and ambient interior lighting. Clean lines and expanses of blank spaces make the cabin look open and airy, and the two displays form an eye-catching curved panel in front of the driver. Hyundai includes physical controls under the display, which will likely handle climate settings.

2024 hyundai kona

Hyundai didn’t say when to expect the new Kona but noted that more information would be coming soon. There’s no pricing information either, but there will likely be a slight increase over the 2023 model’s $21,990 starting price. 

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