Ford Ranger to use aging platform for next two generations

Chris Teague

Chris Teague

ford ranger

The Ranger was already an old truck by the time Ford revived it here in 2019. We’re expecting a significant overhaul for the 2024 model year, but a new report from Autoforecast Solutions (AFS) shows that even new gas-powered Rangers will ride on a platform that first entered production over a decade ago.

ford ranger

As Ford Authority points out, the current truck rides on the T6 platform, which it shares with the desirable Bronco SUV. Production forecasts show that the Ranger will continue on with the T6 into the next decade, carrying the truck through the next couple of generation updates. Ford plans to release an electric Ranger variant sometime this decade, but that truck will get a dedicated platform. 

AFS’ production roadmap shows that Ford will begin production of the new Ranger on May 1 and remain in production through July 2029. The next-gen truck enters production a few days later, on August 1, and sticks around through July 2037 – all on the T6 platform. The Ranger won’t be Ford’s only model on the aging chassis. The next-generation Bronco SUV will enter production in late 2029 on the same platform and continue through at least 2036.

ford ranger

Besides its age, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the T6 platform, so there’s no pressing need to replace it – especially considering the Ranger and Bronco EVs will ride on a dedicated BEV platform. It may also mean smoother production for Ford, which has struggled to keep pace with demand in recent years. 

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