Glove Box will help dad keep his cars clean for Father’s Day

Chris Teague

Chris Teague

Glove Box offers automotive cleaning product gift boxes in a variety of sizes and types.

Where I live, it’s nearly impossible to get and keep cars clean. In the winter, we’ve got sand, salt, and all manner of freezing precipitation, and in summer our roads are potholed from the winter plows. As a result, I don’t spend a ton of time stressing over washing my cars, but I recently got to test a new product that may change that. Glove Box is an automotive gift box company that offers subscriptions and standalone boxes for gearheads and novices alike.

Glove Box

Boxes are available for as little as $35.Glove Box

Glove Box sent me a trial kit with leather cleaner and various wash solutions to test out and the boxes can be purchased individually, so you don’t have to commit to a subscription to get the full effect. I got the Ultimate Car Detailing Gift Box, which came with several cleaning and drying cloths, sponges, and around three months of wash supplies.

The company doesn’t specify brands with its boxes, so the products you receive will likely be different than the brands and products I got. That said, the products were all high quality and the microfiber towels are some of the best I’ve used so far, so I imaging other boxes will be the same quality.

Glove Box

Glove Box’s towels are some of the best we’ve used. Glove Box

Glove Box offers three subscription lengths, ranging from three months to one year. Pricing lands at $116.94 for three months, $222.93 for six months, and $438.87 for a year. The Ultimate Car Detailing Gift Box is $89.99, and the company offers boxes for as little as $35.

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