Goodyear ReCharge tire concept regenerates its own tread

Chris Teague

Chris Teague

Goodyear has created a new tire concept that retreads from the inside.

The world of tires is evolving. Whether it’s making them from recycled rubber or having a removable tread patter than can be switched out, which are two concepts Michelin is championing, there are coming major changes to one of the least-considered but most-important parts of a vehicle.

The Goodyear ReCharge tire concept is a creative take on the possible future of tires and it works similar to your Kitchen Aid mixer. The you want to make fresh pasta noodles, you feed a clump of dough through the mixer’s attachment and out the other side comes noodles.


While it’s unlikely that the tire will come to market, some of the processes shown off in the tire may make their way to a product in the next decade.Photo courtesy of Goodyear

The tire’s test takes a compound of renewable materials and feeds it through a series of pipes that feeds it out to the surface where it cures, forming functional new tread. The list of renewable materials includes dandelion rubber and synthetic spider silk. Goodyear says that these materials are strong enough for daily use rather than just a patch job.

The compound would be stored in pressurized canisters within each tire. Goodyear envisions that customers would be able to switch out canisters to meet the tread needs of the vehicle, theoretically allowing the tire to adapt for winter and summer driving conditions.

The concept tire requires no pressurization, meaning that it would never go flat. This feature is a developing trend with tire makers. Michelin debuted a tire last May that is able to be retreaded and also doesn’t have to be pressurized.

While the tire is just a concept, Chris Helsel, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Goodyear, explained to Engadget that the processes and features shown in the concept may find their way into future Goodyear tires within the next decade.

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