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Morgan marks end of 3 Wheeler production with P101 special edition

Chris Teague

Chris Teague

The Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 special edition model marks the end of an era.

The Morgan Motor Company will end production of its 3 Wheeler in 2021, once approval of its S&S V-twin engine finishes. Before that, the company will make a limited number of P101 special editions to commemorate the end of the road.

The special run gets its name from Project 101, a moniker that was given to 3 Wheeler development as the company began reviving the model in the mid-2000s. The Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 is limited to just 33 examples. It was conceived by Morgan’s in-house design and engineering departments

The current version of the 3 Wheeler has been one of Morgan’s most popular models of all time. The company has created 2,500 of them since the car launched in 2011. It’s been exported around the globe.

The 3 Wheeler is a model that harkens back to a simpler time in automotive history. It has a purposeful and utilitarian aesthetic, sits low to the ground, has an open cockpit, is intended for one person to use at a time, and rides on just three wheels.

This P101 version has a single-leaf tonneau cover – first seen on Morgan’s EV3 concept in 2016. The composite resin cover has a natural translucent golden color.

The car’s Aero-disc wheels are painted to match the main body color offer low drag and work with low-slung Hella 9-inch spot lamps that are positioned to reduce turbulence around the suspension. Two exhaust pipes, one white and one black, are at the back. Additionally, there are torque markers on each front tire, straight-cut exhausts, a fly screen, additional louvres, exposed rivet details, and unique P101 markings.

The list of standard features also includes a flat base steering wheel, rubber floor mats, black soft-grain leather upholstery with twin needle box stitching, and brass ‘knock ons’.

Buyers can option their 3 Wheeler P101 in Deep Black or Satin White Silver paint, with decals. Four P101 art packs will be available for customers to choose from:

  • The Belly Tank – Referencing liveries found on belly tank racers and ‘lakesters’ that were inspirations for the 3 Wheeler initially, The Belly Tank graphic pack features a distressed effect in the vinyl.
  • The Dazzleship – The Dazzleship is the boldest of the art packs. Its striking black and white design is inspired by the graphic camouflage of period military vehicles.
  • The Aviator – Evoking a sense of aviation spirit, The Aviator graphic pack is an extension of similarly themed graphics currently offered on the 3 Wheeler. This art pack is inspired by nose art found on RAF planes in WWII.
  • The Race Car – Three wheeled Morgan vehicles were competing in motorsport almost as soon as the first example was created. The Race Car graphic pack features stripes and roundels, paying homage to the liveries that adorned early Morgan race cars.

The limited-edition P101 starts at £45,000 plus local market taxes and on-the-road costs. All 33 production slots have already been allocated to Morgan dealerships in the UK, Europe and USA. Production of the model will begin immediately and continue alongside ‘bespoke’ 3 Wheelers during 2021.

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