PCCM Plus brings Apple CarPlay to older Porsches

Chris Teague

Chris Teague


Last year, I bought a 2010 Porsche Cayenne GTS, and other than the fact that it had almost 200,000 on the clock when it arrived, I didn’t have many complaints. That lasted until I wanted to drive it for more than a few minutes and realized the then-12-year-old Porsche Communication Management system was not going to work. I scoured the internet and found a handful of sketchy solutions before giving up, but now Porsche has a solution. 

The Porsche Communication Management Plus system brings modern features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to older vehicles. Units are available for the 2005-2008 Porsche 997 911, the Boxster and Cayman Type 987 between 2005-2008, and the 2003-2008 Cayenne. 

Unlike the awful third-party junk found online, the PCCM Plus system is a direct retrofit for those vehicles. That means climate controls, buttons, and fitment are as close to factory as possible. If the vehicle came with a gauge cluster navigation display, Porsche said PCCM Plus would support it. The 7-inch touchscreen comes with SiriusXM radio capability and navigation with 2D and 3D maps. Properly equipped Porsche models can use the new system’s memory function for lighting, windshield wipers, climate controls, and locks. 

Of course, this is Porsche, so nothing comes cheap. The PCCM Plus head unit costs $1,475.99 before installation costs. The automaker recommends having a Porsche Classic Partner or dealer perform the installation.

Porsche is unique among automakers because of its commitment to supporting older vehicles. The Porsche Classic program offers genuine parts for cars as old as the 356, and the automaker supports newer models up to the 2013 911 and 2012 Boxster/Cayman. Many of the older models still drive like new vehicles and offer luxurious accommodations, so the only thing lacking is technology. The introduction of PCCM Plus means that owners can use and enjoy their vehicles for much longer without giving up many modern conveniences.

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