Polestar throws shade at GM, commits to truly going carbon neutral

Chris Teague

Chris Teague

Polestar is committing to letting customers know how sustainable its cars are.

It’s a dirty little secret. Companies are able to purchase carbon credits to offset their emissions, allowing them to claim to be more environmentally responsible than a trip to their plant may lead you to believe that they are.

Polestar is throwing a little shade the direction of automakers who use carbon credits and similar purchasing loopholes to claim their carbon neutral, or better-for-the-environment status. General Motors and Stellantis/FCA are two such companies.

As part of the company’s first annual review, the Swedish electric performance car brand announced a moonshot goal: create the first truly climate neutral car by 2030.


Polestar is aiming to make a completely carbon neutralPhoto courtesy of Polestar


“Offsetting is a cop-out,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO. “By pushing ourselves to create a completely climate-neutral car, we are forced to reach beyond what is possible today. We will have to question everything, innovate and look to exponential technologies as we design towards zero.”

Polestar is pledging to make sustainability declarations, something common in the fashion and food service industries, when launching Polestar models. This includes the Polestar 2, which is now on sale. When it was brought to market, the automaker disclosed its carbon footprint and traced risk minerals then displayed the information on prominent places throughout digital and physical spaces.

The Polestar Precept is a big part of the company’s sustainable future. A prototype version of the car was first shown last year and featured materials woven from flax, like that behind the model in the video. The interior door panels feature the material, which is 50-percent lighter than traditional inserts and contains 80-percent less plastic. Its seats feature a 3D knit material that is made of 100-percent recycled yarn that has its origins with PET bottles and that is cut from a single thread to exactly to fit the seats with no waste.

The company has also begun launching a full-scale sales initiative in the U.S. Polestar showrooms, called Polestar Spaces, will be opening in 15 new locations in the next year.

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