Tesla now sells adapter for third-party charging

Chris Teague

Chris Teague


Tesla has been the most successful automaker in the EV space because of its tightly integrated technology and charging network. That’s slowly changing as more automakers jump into the fray, and Tesla is accelerating the shift by opening its charging network to outside brands. Now, Tesla is opening the door further with an adapter for its cars that allows them to connect to third-party chargers.


Tesla offers a $250 CCS Combo 1 Adapter on its website that enables charging speeds of up to 250kW. The automaker says the adaptive is compatible with most models but notes that some may require a retrofit to work. Owners of vehicles requiring the work will need to check back in early 2023 for availability information.

The adapter is good news for owners, as they can now charge in more places, especially in more remote locations where Tesla’s Supercharger network hasn’t gained ground. It should also help relieve some of the pressure on the network, as Tesla owners frequently find themselves stacked up in long charging lines with other owners.


The automaker has also set up partnerships with Uber and Hertz to rent its cars for rideshare and taxi services. The move will put more Teslas on the road but will also put more pressure on the company’s charging network. Any component that allows Tesla owners to charge in more places is good news.


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