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Chris Teague

Chris Teague

artificial intelligence

The news that a significant technology publication has begun using artificial intelligence to create content is disturbing on many levels. Beyond the writers and editors that will lose jobs, AI is not designed to fact-check and deliver accurate content. That’s why it’s time to address the elephant in the room here: You will never read AI-generated text or content on Your Test Driver.

A human wrote all of the news, reviews, and guides you read here – usually me, but sometimes a freelancer that works with the site. We use editing tools to help catch grammar and other mistakes, but every single written word and edited article on this site came from human hands.

Why is this important? First, Your Test Driver aims to be the source of trustworthy automotive news, guides, and reviews. We can’t do that if robots write our content. The guides here come from actual, lived experiences that computers cannot replicate. Need a special tool? Is there a “gotcha” in your automotive project you need to know about? A human who has lived through the busted knuckles and repeat trips to the auto parts store can give you that information. That’s why we’re here.

Perhaps more importantly, one of Your Test Driver’s goals is to offer a respectful, non-corporate landing place for some of the industry’s top writers and content creators – people. We want to give you the most comprehensive information from a wide array of voices to help you make the right automotive decisions.

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