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About Us

Who we are

Your Test Driver aims to be the leading online resource to help you and your family make an educated vehicle purchase. You can count on us to provide honest information that is always written by a human and never by artificial intelligence. We will always be honest and open with our opinions.


For nearly a decade, I’ve researched and experienced several parts of the automotive industry, and my time as a parent to two young girls has given me a unique perspective on how parents and children experience vehicles. But I’ve found that while there are many automotive outlets to follow, many of them are focused heavily on enthusiast vehicles—and while those are fun, they’re not what most people buy, and they’re not always suited for helping a family get around. (Good luck getting a car seat into a McLaren.) 


Your Test Driver aims to fill that need with a team of car experts who have decades of automotive experience, but also a deep understanding of what families need most when they’re on the road.


You can trust Your Test Driver to provide accurate, independent reviews and information on new vehicles, accessories, and industry news. Nearly all of our freelance writers are parents themselves, and all of us are dedicated to delivering the most honest, accurate details possible. 


Your Test Driver receives new vehicles each week for testing purposes. We install and test car seats, and assess comfort and technology in every review unit we see. Your Test Driver will never try to sell you a product that we do not believe in, and if we say we’ve tested a product, you can trust that we are making a recommendation from a place of experience. We may receive a commission if you choose to buy a product through one of our links, but we’ll only put it there if it’s something we’d spend our own money on.

Our Contributors 

Kristin V. Shaw

Kristin Shaw fell in love with cars while visiting dozens of auto shows as a kid, which explains her love for big-finned 1950s cars and 1960s Corvettes. She competed in her first Rebelle Rally, an all-female off-roading competition, in the fall of 2022 in a lifted Hyundai Santa Cruz and will participate again in 2023. Her words have appeared in numerous publications like Popular Science, Edmunds, The Drive, GearJunkie, Road & Track, U.S. News & World Report, Forbes Wheels, Today, The Washington Post and more.

Chris Teague

After working in the technology and software industry for several years, Chris began writing as a way to help people outside of that world understand the sometimes very technical work that goes on behind the scenes. With a lifelong love of all things automotive, he turned his attention to writing new vehicle reviews, detailing industry trends, and breaking news. Along the way, Chris earned an MBA with a focus on data analysis that has helped him gain a strong understanding of why the auto industry’s biggest companies make the decisions they do. His experience and education have helped Chris thrive in digging into the details and finding the real stories behind the numbers. He focuses on drawing out the most important facts a consumer needs to know to make the best buying choices for their families and themselves, and he aims to do that in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand.

Kevin Nguyen

Kevin provides photography services to Your Test Driver. 

Scott Wasser

Scott is a veteran automotive journalist living in Southern Maine.





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