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Preview: Jeep concept cars go electric for annual trek to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari

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Chris Teague

Jeep is showing a new Magneto styled concept vehicle.

Magneto has been confirmed. And it’s bringing a friend. No, it’s not Wanda Maximoff.

It’s been a month since we asked why Stellantis was seeking to trademark the word Magneto for concept car use. Most will recognize that the name Magneto is most closely associated with Max Eisenhardt, the fictional man who would become villain Magneto in the X-Men comic book series and movies.

There’s another use of the word that may be more relevant as a clue as to why FCA has chosen to trademark it. A magneto is a permanent magnet electrical generator.


There is little known about this Jeep concept apart from what is seen here.Photo courtesy of Stellantis


Jeep has promised an electric Jeep concept will be shown at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah from March 27 to April 4. It’s likely that Magneto is that EV. Jeep has shown that name on the hood of the Wrangler in a rendering.

The automaker says that “4×4 capability, unbridled fun, open-air freedom, and electric powertrains” will be on display during Easter Jeep Safari. Expect to see a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station as well.

A second concept car was rendered as a teaser. The orange Wrangler has a winch, plaid background, and beefy off-road tires. The word “Frank” is at the bottom of the image but that refers to the design that crafted it, Frank Dionisopoulos, not the car itself. Dionisopoulos is a senior design at Stellantis, according to his LinkedIn profile. Not much else is known about this concept, but it is likely to be electrified.

The Wrangler Magneto concept features the word “Magneto” on the hood of the Jeep where “Rubicon” and “Mojave” typically reside.Photo courtesy of Stellantis

More information about the two models will be released ahead of Easter Jeep Safari.

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