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2023 Lincoln Corsair debuts new driver aids and a fresh face

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Lincoln's best-selling Corsair is getting a handful of meaningful updates, including better tech and a light facelift.

Not wanting to rest on its laurels, Lincoln has upgraded its best-selling model inside and outside, as well as behind the wheel. Chief among the enhancements for the 2023 Lincoln Corsair is an upgraded next-gen ActiveGlide 1.2.

The ActiveGlide system adds hands-free advanced driver assistance for highway driving, including lane-changing, in-lane positioning, and predictive speed assist. The system works up to 80 mph with features that will slow the Corsair if it approaches a curve too quickly. There’s also an in-lane positioning system that nudges the Lincoln based on traffic next to the vehicle. Big box truck creeping towards your lane? The Corsair will move you away from it.

Lincoln Corsair

Most interesting among those upgrades is lane change assist. As Lincoln explains, the system will perform a hands-free lane change when the driver taps the turn signal (which is nothing all that new), but it can even suggest a lane change in slow-moving traffic. The latter is most intriguing for those of us who battle rush hour.

Pedestrians will like Intersection Assist 2.0. It can detect people in the crosswalk you might miss when turning the corner.

On the outside, the 2023 Lincoln Corsair receives a new and larger grille and wing-shaped daytime running lamps. Lincoln claims it makes the Corsair more youthful, but judgment will be reserved until one can be viewed in its natural habitat: a country club parking lot.

Inside, a newly available feature is Auto Air Refresh. Lincoln bills it as a holistic air filtration and active air monitoring system that helps clean the cabin air by filtering out atmospheric dust, tobacco smoke, smog, and some allergens, including pollen.

Also new inside is a center stack screen that grows to 13.2 inches and features SYNC4 technology and Lincoln Enhance software updates. Corsair will also offer the Alexa Built-in hands-free experience with complimentary connectivity to Alexa for three years.

Ordering for the new 2023 Corsair is now open, and the SUV can be configured on Lincoln’s website. The Corsair will begin arriving in showrooms in early 2023. 

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