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New Avis, Budget rental car cleaning strategy partnerships tackle coronavirus transmission

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The brands of Avis Budget Group are employing new cleaning strategies.

Rental cars pose a unique cleaning challenge. Drivers are switching in and out of vehicles then driving them to who knows where, interacting with who knows who, and stopping at who knows how many places along the way. All for a relatively short period of time.


That’s a lot of possible exposure to the coronavirus, which is why Avis Budget Group (ABG) has partnered with RB, the maker of Lysol, and a team of medical professionals from leading institutions, including Columbia University, with expertise in public health, COVID-19, and other infectious diseases to come up with an actionable plan to “enhance cleanliness and disinfection in rental facilties and vehicles.” Hip Hop Public Health, which is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering positive behavior change, is also part of the coalition.

A team of scientists and germ experts from RB, who are responsible for driving germ-kill innovation for Lysol, will review and provide ABG guidance on best practices to optimize the efficacy of ABG’s cleaning and maintenance protocols. Additionally, AGB will introduce Lysol products at its rental families and in vehicles as part of a larger agreement that replaces or supplements existing CDC-recommended and EPA-certified products that ABG currently uses.

“At RB, our mission is to protect, heal, and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. It is imperative that we protect all consumers, today and in the days ahead as we all look forward to new ways of returning to work and leisure activities, including travel,” said Rahul Kadyan, EVP, North America, Hygiene, RB. “RB/Lysol has over 130 years of science-based research and thought leadership. We are excited to support ABG through awareness, training and education, and adequate product delivery in the hygiene and disinfection space.”

The medical professional that are part of the advisory board include Dr. Olajide Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Neurology at Columbia University and Founder of Hip Hop Public Health, Dr. Amelia Boehme, Dr. Robert Bollinger, Dr. Gbenga Ogedegbe and Dr. Angela Rasmussen.

“Updating safety protocols and maintaining fidelity to them requires a company to invest in behavior change in order to facilitate and sustain the uptake of new health-related behaviors by its workforce,” said Williams. “We are grateful that ABG is focusing on safety by investing in the educational process of their employees. The right products and protocols need to be properly and consistently deployed by every single individual who is involved in the process to ensure public health safety.”

“Our commitment to the safety and satisfaction of our customers and employees is unwavering,” said Joe Ferraro, CEO of Avis Budget Group. “Recovering from the impacts of a global pandemic requires innovative solutions and we are excited to announce the Avis Safety Pledge and our Budget Worry-Free Promise. Beyond words, we are taking a comprehensive set of actions through our coalition with Lysol, Hip Hop Public Health and highly esteemed expert medical professionals, aimed at ensuring the products, protocols, and training are in place to raise the bar for cleanliness and safety.”

Avis Budget Group is the parent company of Avis, Budget, Zipcar, Maggiore, FranceCars, Apex Car Rentals, and Payless Car Rental. Their extended network of companies includes other global brands.

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