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BMW EV buyers get two years of free charging

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Buyers of the new iX and i4 will get two years of free charging sessions.

BMW is accelerating its electric vehicle efforts and currently offers two brand-new EVs, with more promised soon. To help improve adoption of new technologies and ease people into EV ownership, BMW is partnering with Electrify America, a company that builds and operates charging infrastructure, to provide free charging to buyers of its new electric models. Buyers will receive two years of free charging sessions at any Electrify America location.


At max speed, the i4 can recover up to 108 miles in ten minutes.BMW/Electrify America

The service comes with the sale of a new BMW iX xDrive50, i4 eDrive40, or i4 M50 starting in March. At no extra cost, buyers receive complimentary charging at over 3,000 chargers across the country. BMW says the charging benefit will last for two years from the date of the vehicle purchase, and notes that it will provide free 30-minute charging sessions. The service is similar to the programs developed by other automakers, some with Electrify America.


Electrify America operates thousands of chargers across the country.Electrify America

Charging speeds can be a major issue, but Electrify America’s ultra-fast chargers can deliver between 150 and 350 kW. Those are the fastest speeds available today, which enables the i4 to recover up to 108 miles in just ten minutes. The company operates 800 charging stations and around 3,500 individual ultra-fast chargers in the United States. Electrify America plans to more than double those numbers by 2026 with the addition of 1,800 charging stations that feature 10,000 individual vehicle chargers.

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