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Bugatti lifestyle collection adds Chiron-inspired clothing, accessories

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Bugatti is offering a new range of clothing and accessories to brand enthusiasts.

Driving a Bugatti invites turned heads and following eyes. A new lifestyle collection from the brand expresses the identity and heritage of the brand via a collection of clothing and accessories for men and women.

The collection takes its inspiration from the Bugatti automobile lineup, from the Chiron to the Divo, La Voiture, Noire, Chrion Super Sport 300+, Centodieci, and Bolide. The Bolide is the newest concept car from the manufacturer that achieves impressive performance through a variety of tuning and materials choices, and is tuned for the track.

Bugatti clothing line

Famous Bugatti marks are apparent on the clothing, including the “EB” design brought to prominence by company founder Ettore Bugatti.Photo courtesy of Bugatti

The line is made up of 50 items and split into apparel and accessories. There is a focus on high-tech fabrics, innovative performance, and ergonomic fitting. These factors deliver a combination of elegance and sporty attitude, two things that each Bugatti vehicle is expected to achieve.

A roster of the merchandise includes power banks, key chains, a backpack, small leather items, mugs, notebook bags, cufflinks, credit card holders, and a water bottle. There are also jackets, hats, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.

Details including the Bugatti Macaron and the EB logo are present on the items, as well as artistic designs that trace their way throughout Bugatti history to some of the brand’s most iconic vehicles.

Bugatti Bolide
The Bugatti Bolide inspired some of the clothing in the line.

Photo courtesy of Bugatti


T-shirts start €40, jackets go up to €280, and hats go in the €35-40 range.

The collection is now available online at and at selected Bugatti Dealer Partners. While you’re at the dealership, if you want the Bolide to be brought into production, you’ll want to share that with dealer personnel. The company is still undecided about offering the model for sale and is seeking input.

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