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Bugatti, Tidal Audio team up to establish a new category of sound systems

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Chris Teague

Tidal CEO Jorn Janczak and CMO Miriam Janczak pose next to the new Royale audio system.

Luxury audio design is being pushed to new limits by Bugatti and Tidal Audio, two giants in their respective fields. They’re aiming to set the new standard for home music systems by unveiling “the Bugatti of home audio”. The new partnership will work to establish a new category of sound systems that are more exclusive and higher quality than every other audio system currently on the market.

The companies have collaborated on a new Royale range of speakers designed for at-home use. They feature avant-garde design and stye reminiscent of the bulging bodies of Bugatti’s fleet of hypercars and are available in two themes: Monocoque and Duotone. Buyers can select from piano finishes or daring color and material combinations to complete their bespoke ordering process with options of customized carbon fiber, fabrics, leather, polished stainless steel, dark aluminum or precious metal surfaces available.

At the front of each speaker is a polished stainless steel Bugatti logo plaque that has been curved to accommodate the shape of the unit. On the backside, a “Tidal for Bugatti” plaque confirms the creative partnership.

The Royale collection employs four subwoofer drivers per speaker and a three-way front unit with midrange-driver and tweeter with diamond diaphragms. This is the same diamond diaphragm tweeter that is found in Bugatti cars. The Royale active speaker houses amplifier channels inside. Its matching music controller allows it to connect to a variety of sources including music streaming services and television. It can also be controlled via smart devices.

Just 15 pairs of the Royal are available in Edition Noir and Edition Blanc designs.

Pricing for the Royale is unlisted. Interested buyers will need to reach out to Bugatti and Tidal Audio versus the website here, where you can also take a video tour of the speakers.

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