Cadillac ups its -iq, confirming alphanumeric nomenclature is ending

Chris Teague

Chris Teague

Cadillac is dropping its familiar nomenclature as it prepares for the future.

Even if you’ve already said goodbye to the Cadillac XTS, CTS, and CT6, you can go ahead and ay goodbye again. Cadillac has confirmed that it’s retiring its alphanumeric nomenclature. GM Authority was the first to confirm the news.

In its place, Cadillac will offer vehicles with -iq at the end of their name. The company has already revealed the Lyriq and Celestiq names for upcoming models.

An electric version of the Cadillac Escalade is on the way. The company has not said if the model will be known as the Escaliq.
Photo courtesy of Cadillac

The move comes as Cadillac, a division of General Motors, focuses on its electrified future. That future will be built on GM’s new flexible architecture, which allows for a more streamlined design, engineering, and production process. Electric models will use Ultima battery power.

Last week, General Motors revealed plans to release 20 new models by 2023. Only 12 of those models have been detailed by the company. Of those 12, five are coming down the Cadillac pipeline.

The Cadillac Lyriq is a SUV that is designed to “hit the heart of the crossover market”. It is a global model that will debut on August 6. Much of what to expect from the model is already known as it was originally set to debut in April but had that date moved due to the impact of the coronavirus.

A “globally sized luxury three-row SUV that emphasizes interior space and cargo capability for the modern family” is also on the list. The 2021 Cadillac Escalade has already been revealed and if this was that, it would have been labeled as such. It’s logical to think that this three-row SUV is something about the size of a Nissan Pathfinder or Toyota Highlander, which would fill a gap in the Cadillac lineup.

The Cadillac XT4 is getting a brother. An electric model similar to it will debut, aimed “at this key global growth segment”.

A full-size, three-row luxury SUV that “builds o the DNA” of the Escalade is on its way. This is the Escalade EV, which will be produced alongside the GMC Hummer EV and Cruise Origin at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant.

The last model on the list is the opulent Cadillac Celestiq “Statement Vehicle”, which designed to be an “ultra-lux EV with bespoke, hand-assembled craftsmanship”. GM is expected to only built 1.2 of these models per day and sell them for over $100,000 each.

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