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Ferrari to unveil the Purosangue SUV next week

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Aaron Richardson

Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari has followed its usual tight-lipped tack in the long lead-up to the debut of its first SUV. We know it’ll be called the Purosangue – Italian for thoroughbred – and that at least one version of it will be powered by some sort of V12. Everything beyond that is speculation. 

But this week, Ferrari tweeted that they’ll fully reveal the maybe-blasphemous hauler next week. The tweet included a video clip that teased the shape without giving it away. But the video did give us an unfettered listen to the big V12, and it’s enough to make your knees weak. Check it out: 

Car and Driver had an illustrator take a stab at the shape of the Prancing Horse mall crawler, and Road & Track have guessed that it’ll share its engine with the 812 Competizione, which would launch it straight to the top of the horsepower pile, even if they detuned it. Other rumors are that it’ll focus on road performance instead of off-road prowess, which is in line with the phalanx of ultra-luxury “SUVs” it will compete with. 

It’s de rigueur for “trucks” in this class to be faster than re-entry, heavier than a small moon, powerful enough to reverse Earth’s rotation, and luxurious enough to satisfy the Sultan of Brunei. Ferrari is not known for half measures or settling for second, so it’s safe to expect the Purosangue will be luridly expensive, fast beyond reason and as opulent as an oligarch’s powder room.

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