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Opinion: Five things to question about the 2024 Ford Mustang

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Keith Griffin

2024 Ford Mustang

Much acclaim, rightly so, has accompanied the launch of the 2024 Ford Mustang. However, there are five things to question in the new Mustang. Some of the concerns are with the actual features. Others are with how certain accessories are going to be used. 

Do any of these features lessen our desire to drive the 2024 Mustang? Heck no. These five things are presented more to show that even exciting cars have flaws. None are presented in the tone of an old man screaming, “Get off my lawn,” either.

First on the list is the Remote Rev feature which provides the ability to rev the car’s engine remotely using the key fob. It’s one of those “Look at me!” accessories that will eventually be used as a tool of annoyance. Neighbor playing music too loud late at night? Teach them a lesson with remote rev! Hey, watch me scare that older adult cutting through the Walmart parking lot. Most owners will use Remote Rev as much as they use paddle shifters.

Second is the Recaro seats. No, the quibble is not about the actual seats; it’s their design. Have you ever seen the famous Edvard Munch painting, “The Scream”? Those seats scream a strong resemblance to the painting. It can’t be unseen once you see it.

2024 Ford Mustang

The third is the available new Electronic Drift Brake, which Ford says “can quickly turn a novice into a drifting pro, like Vaughn Gittin Jr.” Sure, it’s designed for track use. Still, it will be abused in elementary school parking lots and country backroads. The quibble isn’t so much with the feature, but how much it’s going to be poorly used by people who think they are Vaughn Gittin Jr. Yes, the few are going to wreck it for the many responsible drivers.

The fourth thing is the cockpit, designed like a jet fighter. Too much emphasis on the driver is a bad thing with onboard electronics. Distracted driving is always an issue. Too much focus by the driver on the dash (which does look extremely high-tech) will lead to bad driving decisions. The design also de-emphasizes the front passenger’s view of the electronics. That’s bound to be annoying in the long term.

Also, Ford said some interior styling cues are taken from the Mustang Mach-E. One thinks a buyer craving the rumble of a V8 internal combustion engine might look down on any affiliations with plug-in power (even if it does have 428 lb. ft. of torque).

2024 Ford Mustang

The fifth thing would be the Camaro styling cues. Look at the 2024 Mustang from the door handles back and the current Camaro comes to mind. Granted, only so much styling can be done on a coupe when aerodynamics and performance have to be factored in. This quibble comes in fifth because it does little to detract from what is bound to be a great driving experience.

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