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Ford files trademark for Maverick and Ranger Lightning trucks

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Ford has several hits on its hands in 2022. The Bronco is still sold out and remains nearly impossible to find and the new Maverick pickup truck is in the same boat. The Blue Oval also has its hands deep in the EV game, and the F-150 Lightning is its first electric pickup. CarBuzz recently discovered a Ford trademark filing that confirms its plan to capitalize on the Lighting name with electric variants of the Maverick and Ranger pickups.

Ford hasn’t been shy with its plans to electrify the Ranger and the Maverick already comes standard with a hybrid powertrain, so it’s not surprising to see the trademark application. Ford CEO Jim Farley even hinted at the possibility last year, stating that he could envision a family of Maverick models, including electrics. He also confirmed that Ford is testing another electric truck after the F-150 Lightning, so the wait won’t be long for a glimpse.

Ford F-150 Lightnings pickups

It’s anyone’s guess as to when we’ll see a Maverick or Ranger Lightning on sale. The Maverick is just one model year old and Ford will refresh the Ranger for 2023, so it might makes sense to wait for a mid-cycle refresh. At the same time, Ford might want to sustain interest in its electric truck program, so we could see one or the other on sale by the end of 2023. However, given the current state of car buying, it could be difficult to get hands on a truck for a while after it goes on sale.

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