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Maserati Gran Turismo to get Nettuno V6

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Maserati gran turismo

Maserati announced last month that the next Gran Turismo coupe will be available with a 1,200 horsepower electric motor in a trim called Folgore. We can’t not be stoked on a 1,200 horsepower anything, but it’s hard not to miss a throaty gas engine. Maserati, knowing this, is sticking the twin-turbo V6 from its upcoming MC20 supercar in the Gran Turismo. 

Maserati gran turismo
It looks familiar, but with two power units making either 600 horsepower or two times that, it ain’t the Gran Turismo of old. Courtesy of Maserati

Known as the Nettuno, the twin-turbo engine makes 621 horsepower in the MC20. Given that the electric powertrain in the Gran Turismo will double that, we wouldn’t be super surprised if the GT’s engine isn’t far off that figure. The Gran Turismo historically has not been a fire-breather, but with the new electric powertrain and the Nettuno handling internal combustion duty, that seems poised to change. 

Maserati’s page for the MC20 includes a preview of how the Nettuno sounds, and suffice to say, it’s extremely Italian, even with the two turbos choking up the exhaust system. Either way, between the two available powertrains, the 2024 Maserati Gran Turismo will be a whole lot rowdier than its predecessors.

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