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How would you spec your McLaren Elva? New state-of-the-art visualizer allows fresh themes

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Chris Teague

McLaren has launched a new online visualizer tool that allows customers to spec their Elva virtually.

The elite list of customers wishing to plunk down a mere $1.69 million on their new McLaren Elva are able to digitally spec it using new themes developed by the automaker using state-of-the-art visualizer technology.

McLaren Special Operations personnel are working one-on-one with customers, albeit remotely, to explore every possible customization for their windscreen-less vehicle. McLaren sees this as an integral part of the purchase process.

The McLaren Advanced Visualiser (MAV) brings to life ideas and concepts as ultra-high-quality virtual images that show a customer what proposed design themes would look like in a finished car. It uses ultra-HD resolution rendering to display individual Elva elements and then combine them to create a full specification.

Customers can switch colors and materials in and out and see how they will look nearly instantaneously. It also allows customers to virtually open and close doors, get Innside the vehicle and look under the bodywork as far deep as the suspension and braking systems.

Among the options McLaren customers can choose are Ultrafabrics, a durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant material that draws inspiration from high-end performance materials used in private jets and luxury yachts. Soft coverings can be embellished with reflective micro-piping to create unique flourishes of light in the dark, while on harder surfaces, carbon fibres and precious metals can be used individually or combined to spectacular effect, as pioneered on the McLaren Speedtail.

McLaren’s design team has released two new Elva design concepts meant to inspire customers, Timeless and Explore. Each includes a range of visual themes, incorporated into the MAV programme, to generate ideas and prompt discussion.

According to the automaker,

“The themes in Explore evoke the spirit of adventure expressed by Elva ownership; Magma, for example, suggests the power of a molten lava in a Satin Azores and Satin Memphis Red Velocity blend of exterior colours, a look that continues inside with Caviar Black Ultrafabrics to create an unapologetically dramatic appearance.

Timeless, meanwhile, focuses on the sense of history encapsulated in the Elva’s design, balanced by a fascination with the future. The laid-back Urbane combination of Liquid Alloy Gloss exterior paint and Cortado Tan Enhanced Full Aniline leather interior is one of the themes, visually suggesting elegance coupled with relentless performance.”

“The Explore and Timeless concepts offer a contemporary aesthetic contrasting the heritage M1A Elva themes previously devised for our latest Ultimate Series car,” said Robert Melville, Design Director McLaren Automotive. “Both of these new concepts are tailored to showcase the Elva’s incredible form, be it Timeless’ classic elegance or Explore’s technical finishes. Both capture our core design principle of ‘everything for a reason’.”

Those customers looking to re-create an iconic McLaren racing livery may also be inspired by the MSO M1A and M6A themes – an homage to Bruce McLaren’s legendary race cars. Opting for the The M1A Elva theme adds a Magnesium Silver racing stripe that sweeps along the sills, runs around the front splitter and up over the hood, accompanied by an Accent Red pinstripe and completed by Bruce McLaren’s iconic number 4 racing graphic.

Deciding on the, the MSO M6A replicates the McLaren Can-Am icon of 1967 with an Anniversary Orange exterior color adorned with a Dove Grey stripe, McLaren Cars decal, and Bruce McLaren’s signature in blue, as well as his race number “4”. Full Satin carbon fiber bodywork and 10-spoke Diamond cut wheels complete the model.

Just 149 McLaren Elvas will be built.

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