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Mike Herzing shares his top tips for spring break driving

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Chris Teague

Remember to buckle up. Photo by Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Spring break is only a couple of weeks away, and if you’re heading out to your favorite vacation spot with friends, roommates, or family, please take a minute to think about making your trip a safe one.

Here are Mike Herzing’s top tips for having a fun, safe time on the road:

Don’t drink and drive
This one should go without saying, and yet every day almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk driving-related crashes (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).
And be a pal: don’t let others drink and drive either.

Take breaks
Half the fun of a road trip is alternating who drives, who navigates, who’s doling out the snacks, and who’s in charge of the music. So switch up who’s behind the wheel when you need to — remember that drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving.

Know your route
Smartphone technology has nearly made paper maps obsolete (though it doesn’t hurt to keep one in the car in case of emergencies) Apps like Google Maps and Waze can also alert you to any upcoming traffic problems, potentially shaving time off your trip.

Buckle up
Besides being the law, wearing seatbelts can save your life if you’re in an accident. Every person in the cars needs to be strapped in at all times, and tell your front-seat passenger to keep their feet off the dash. An airbag going off under their legs can do some serious physical damage.

Get a tune-up
Be sure to have your car checked for a trip before you head out. Nothing ruins the happy mood of a road trip like a breakdown, so do upkeep on your tires, oil, engine, and fluids before you hit the road.

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