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Mike Herzing stresses the importance of airbag safety

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Chris Teague

It looks fun, but don't do this.

For those of you that love road trips (even if right now you never actually get out of the car), here’s a tip that might keep you safer while driving.

On the highway, it’s common to see the front-seat passenger napping with the seat leaned way back. But you wouldn’t do it if you knew how dangerous it was.

You see, seat belts and airbags are designed to work with the passenger and driver sitting up. In an accident, you can slip under the seat belt and be ejected from the car or get thrown into the shoulder belt, both of which can cause serious or even fatal injuries.

And the limber young adults that put their feet on the dash aren’t thinking that an airbag can go off, bend their legs back, and break their legs or hips.

I saw this happen years ago and it was bad.

Seat belts save lives and airbags prevent some injuries — but you have to use them correctly.

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