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Mobile Ford service now complimentary for all customers

Chris Teague

Chris Teague

ford service

If you’re a Ford owner in need of service, there’s good news on the way. The automaker announced an expansion to its complimentary pickup and delivery services to all owners. In the move, Ford joins Lincoln in offering remote services, covering everything from a simple oil change to a recall service.

With the remote pickup and delivery program, Ford customers can have their preferred dealer come to their home or workplace to pick up their vehicle for service. Once finished, the dealer returns the car. Ford says that some repairs can be performed on-site with one of its mobile service vans.

ford service

Beyond convenience for its customers, Ford is expanding the program to draw more people into its brand. J.D. Power 2022 Customer Service Index Study data showed that remote repair customers are more likely to recommend the brand to a friend or family member. 

Though a convenient benefit for owners, Ford is one of several automakers offering remote service options. No-touch and remote service options became popular during the pandemic when seeing another person face-to-face was a big no-no. Genesis, Lincoln, Audi, Buick, Cadillac, and many others rolled out programs to remove the personal touch from service programs.

ford service

As the pandemic waned, people realized they still wanted those services, so many automakers continued them. That Ford is now rolling out a remote service option, over a year after the country “returned to normal,” shows that there’s still demand and it feels a need to offer expanded options to its customers.

Car buying services have shifted slightly since the pandemic, and some dealers that offered delivery or low/no-touch buying options have walked that back to draw more people into showrooms. At the same time, Carvana, a pandemic car buying and sales darling, has all but crashed and burned, losing its dealer license in Michigan and seeing its stock price tumble. 

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