These are the 25 most expensive new cars in America in 2021



Some of the priciest cars available are also the fastest.

Some cars are designed simply to shuttle humans from point A to point B — these are not those cars. The average purchase price of a new car in the U.S. is around $40,000 — the least expensive car on this list is about 10 times that figure. These vehicles are not typically daily drivers, although a few owners will drive them with some regularity —

but let’s face it, those possessing the means to purchase one of these beauties likely have other options in their garages.

So what do buyers get when paying more for a car than most folks pay for their first house? Extreme power, ultimate performance, lavish amenities and exclusivity — here’s a look at the cars (and SUVs) at the upper crust of automotive high society.

Note: This list does not include any models with build runs of 10 vehicles or less.

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