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Watch the new Nissan Z hit 186 mph

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Aaron Richardson

Nissan Z

Japanese tuning house Trust set the Internet on fire last month when they took a very lightly modified 2023 Nissan Z to a Japanese test track to see how fast the 400 horsepower grand tourer will go. From the factory, Nissan limits the big Z to 155 mph, which is enough to get you in some serious hot water, but ain’t exactly anything special. 

nissan z
Courtesy of Trust

Trust figured that the limiter was keeping the Z from a much really stretching its legs, so they chucked an exhaust and a tune that deleted the electronic limiter at it, and headed for the track. Google Translate’s Japanese isn’t very good, but based on the video description there was at least one Nissan representative on hand. 

The speed run saw the close to stock Z car top out at 300 kph, or 186 mph if you don’t speak metric. That’s properly fast by anyone’s standards, but when you consider that the Z has a starting MSRP below $40,000, it’s downright stunning. Good luck actually paying anywhere close to MSRP for a Z these days, thanks to rampant and hilarious ADMs. 

Still, the new Nissan Z is steadfastly in the tradition of the original 240Z. It’s an affordable, pretty, unpretentious sports car that uses parts bin components to great effect. The future is electric, and that’s a good thing, but we’re happy that the Z exists and has stayed true to its original design brief.

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