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Former North Carolina Nissan dealership employees face charges

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Shopping for a car has been a frustrating experience for many over the last few years, as markups, inventory shortages, and all manner of supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on the market. Some Nissan buyers in North Carolina had an entirely different experience, as it recently came to light that the state’s DMV had filed hundreds of charges against a dozen dealership employees for crimes ranging from improperly rebuilt salvage vehicles to a variety of issues with paperwork handling.

The 12 Shelby Nissan dealership employees include the dealership’s former general manager, Sam Kazran, who accounted for 110 of the more than 400 charges filed. Another person is facing dozens of charges, and all individuals charged are staring down more than one. 

Former customers complained that Shelby Nissan demanded more money, sometimes years after the original sale, and some said the store refused to fix damaged vehicles that it sold. According to Jalopnik, Kazran faced legal issues more than a decade ago, when the Florida dealer he ran illegally reimbursed employees for political donations.

While it may seem like the dealers are out to get you, it’s worth noting that these sorts of problems are few and far in between in the industry. The worst most of us will ever face are inflated prices and a hard sales pitch for dealer warranties and add-ons.

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