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Nissan is nixing the Rogue Sport after 2023

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Nissan Rogue Sport

Nissan’s second-smallest crossover is on its way out. According to a memo sent to dealers obtained by Automotive News, the automaker will end production of the Rogue Sport in December. Nissan’s focus is squarely on its best-selling models and on developing new electric models. Though production will end in December, Nissan will continue selling the vehicle in early 2023. Parts availability will continue through 2033.

Rogue sport

The Rogue Sport’s other problem is that the Kicks exists, and Nissan just overhauled it, so there’s little room for two crossovers of nearly the same size in the catalog. Nissan imagined the crossover as a lure to draw young buyers to the brand for the first time. When it was released, company executives believed that as much as 70 percent of Rogue Sport sales could be conquests, or new buyers, to the brand.

The Kicks, which debuted for the 2018 model year in North America, quickly grew in popularity as a lower-cost option that offered solid standard features. That put pressure on the Sport on the low end. At the same time, Nissan moved the standard Rogue in a more upscale direction, drawing more buyers away from the Sport on the high end.

rogue sport

Cutting the Rogue Sport gives Nissan breathing room and more ability to invest in the Kicks, which is due for an overhaul in 2024. The small crossover will grow with the update, pushing it closer to the Rogue. One dealer told Automotive News that the Kicks will also pick up all-wheel drive in 2024, squeezing the Rogue Sport out for good.

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