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YouTuber crash-lands $250k custom Ram 1500 TRX

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Chris Teague


The Triple F Collection, a mid-sized YouTube channel with around 165,000 subscribers, produces videos showing off supercars and doing somewhat irresponsible things with expensive autos. The stunts are generally benign, but one recent video shows what can happen when preparation and planning fall short. While showing off a new Ram 1500 TRX 6×6 Warlord, the team miscalculated a jump and ended up nosediving into the dirt.

The 797-horsepower truck has more than enough grunt to clear the jump, but the driver didn’t pick up adequate speed. After takeoff, the truck’s nose heads straight for the ground, and the impact looks severe.

Surprisingly, the driver got away without injury, but the truck didn’t come out unscathed. In the aftermath, we can see the front suspension took the worst of the impact, and is mangled in ways that Ram’s engineers never imagined. The skid plate also took a beating, though it appears to have done its job, as the truck was still running after the impact.

The Warlord is a $250,000 custom build, done by Apocalypse Manufacturing. The company does massive 6×6 conversions on other vehicles, such as the Ford Bronco. Apocalypse leaves the Ram’s luxurious interior and tech in place and extends the body to handle two extra wheels, and the truck gains additional custom off-road driving modes to take advantage of its muscle.

YouTubers frequently pull irresponsible stunts in an attempt to grab more views, and this isn’t the first time a Ram TRX jump went wrong. Street Speed 717 attempted a jump in his TRX, but destroyed the truck and ended up with a huge fine for being in the process.

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