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2023 Genesis eGV70: Quick take review

Kristin V. Shaw

Kristin V. Shaw

VERDICT: Luxurious EV with a comfortable and gorgeous interior

CATEGORY: All-electric SUV


STARTS AT: $66,975 ($75,275 as tested with the Prestige package)

COMPETES WITH: Audi e-tron, Tesla Model Y

It’s hard to miss a Genesis on the road with its broad, smiling grille and sleek exterior looks. You might have even seen one and thought, “What IS that?” you might even be surprised to discover the company has been amassing well-deserved awards across the industry for design and performance, inside and out. This luxury brand has sedans and SUVs in its stable, and every model Genesis is building these days is a stunner. 

The 2023 Genesis eGV70 is available in a single trim level starting at $66,975. For $6,800, you can add the Prestige package, which adds Nappa leather seats, a head-up display, active noise control, heated second-row seats, a heated steering wheel, a premium Lexicon audio system, and more. Compare that to a Tesla Model Y, which starts at about $10,000 less but it significantly cheaper-feeling inside. 

With 429 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, the eGV70 feels seamless and perky while driving. When I pushed on the accelerator, it got up to speed quickly and smoothly with no drama; the Audi e-tron, in comparison, felt a bit jumpier at the start. 

Range for both the Audi and the Genesis is less than 250 miles, which might be less than ideal for those who like to take road trips on a regular basis but is well within the range for daily driving. When the eGV70 is fully charged, the car will go for an EPA-estimated 236 miles before needing to charge up again. Tesla’s Model Y gets about 100 more miles with the long-range option; then again, the Genesis is much more comfortable and plusher. Your Genesis eGV70 can be plugged in at home each night, and you’d never have to stop at a gas station again if you didn’t want to. 

With the second row folded, the eGV70 offers 56.9 cubic feet, which is enough for a Costco run for a family of four unless you’re stocking up for a teen pool party. When the second seats are up, you’ll get a total of 28.9 cubic feet behind the liftgate. 

Got car seats, the eGV70 includes two sets of LATCH connectors for the rear seats and a tether anchor in the middle. 

Sure, you can take a look at other luxury cars, but it’s tough to beat a Genesis for the whole package. While the Genesis all-electric GV70 isn’t cheap, it’s a bargain considering what you get. The eGV70 is a tremendous all-around crossover with decent range, stellar fast charging, and a cabin on par with brands typically associated with high rollers. What I love about the eGV70 is that it glides under the surface without causing a lot of drama, and when you open the door, you’ll find a delightfully thoughtful interior. 

Your Test Driver’s parent-centric take on the 2023 Genesis eGV70

We like it:

  • Run errands all over town in super comfortable seats
  • Ample LATCH connections that are easy to access
  • Looks good and feels great to drive 
  • Great safety equipment

Eh, not so much: 

  • Prestige package lacks massage function for front-seat passengers
  • Honestly, there is not a whole lot to complain about

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