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Next-gen Rolls-Royce Ghost will have the cleanest micro environment available in a car

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The Rolls-Royce Ghost will make its world premiere this autumn.

As atmospheric pollutants and clean living take a bigger part in the world’s conversation, Rolls-Royce is elevating the concepts surrounding positive movement in those two areas and putting them in their vehicles. The next-generation Rolls-Royce Ghost will have the cleanest micro environment available in a motor car.

The bespoke, super luxury automaker has created the Rolls-Royce Micro Environment Purification System (MEPS), which uses Impurity Detection Sensors (IDS) and Nanofleece filtration technology as part of its to produce “unprecedented levels of purity”. The result, Rolls-Royce says, complements the design and materials of the model to create a “sense of oasis”.

The current generation of the Rolls-Royce Ghost features a cabin filtration system, but the new model will take the technology a step further.
Photo courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

The IDS is able to detect ambient air quality and will automatically switching fresh air intakes to recirculation mode if it determines that a certain level of airborne contaminants is present. When this happens, all cabin air is channeled through the Nanofleece filter, which is capable of removing extremely fine particulates, including viruses and bacteria from the air.

It takes just two minutes for all the air in the cabin to be circulated through the filter.

A filtration system isn’t new for the Rolls-Royce. Since 2015, all the marque’s motorcars have been equipped with air filtration equipment. This system can protect occupants against the effects of carbon and pollen particles in the air. It is common to find air filtration systems in modern vehicles. Some luxury cars also offer ionizers.

Rolls-Royce anticipates that after the initial implementation of the technology inside the Ghost, future clients will be able to remotely pre-conndition their vehicle’s micro environment, the same way they would with air conditioning, heating, seat positions, or radio stations.

The redesigned Ghost will debut this autumn.

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