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The Grand Tour returns soon with new special

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Chris Teague

A new special drops on December 17.

The Grand Tour is returning, and soon. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hamond, and James May set out in Carnage a Trois, the second special produced during the COVID-19 pandemic. French cars are the subject of this special, and there looks to be plenty of action and potentially hilarious situations. Amazon Prime subscribers can watch the new special on Prime Video starting December 17.

Due to travel difficulties and a general state of worldwide unease, the trio have stayed close to home. The first special, Lochdown, took place in Scotland and this one in Wales. Though James May confirmed that a special in Russia is still a possibility, global travel conditions are still tough and unpredictable.

The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois | Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Grand Tour premiered in late 2016 after the three hosts’ relationship with the BBC ended. For three seasons, the show followed a similar format to Top Gear, which was created by Clarkson and his partner, Andy Wilman. At the end of season three, the trio announced that the show’s familiar format would move from the studio tent to the field, where all subsequent episodes would be the longer travel specials that the three are best known for.

The announcement of the new special made its rounds on social media, where reactions (as always) were mixed. Some say the show is too scripted now and that it’s just not fun anymore, but many disagree. At this point, with the hosts’ ages and difficulties producing media of any kind, it’s a bonus to have a car-oriented show, scripted or not.

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