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New Tire Agent website allows buyers to finance their tire purchase

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A new app and website will help buyers finance their tire purchase

According to Consumer Reports, the average tire costs $137. Opting for a premium set of wheels can be even more, with varieties going north of $300 and $400 rather quickly – and that’s per tire. There’s also taxes, fees, and installation costs to be factored in.

As the economy constrains as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic it’s likely the many individuals have less cash on hand than they usually do. Traditionally, when that is the case, Americans turn to credit card spending, wracking up balances with high interest rates for the convenience of paying later for what they need today. However, when low credit scores and lack of a steady income interfere with getting life’s necessities, many often put off purchases and hope for the best.

Having a tire go down doesn’t work like that. There’s no way around having a flat.

Tire Agent app

The Tire Agent website allows buyers to finance their tire purchase.Photo courtesy of Tire Agent

Tire Agent is a startup website that aims to make “online tire shopping easy and financially accessible for every customer, accommodating all budgets and credit scores.” The site includes a proprietary tire financing platform, PayPair, which is designed to match customers of any credit score (including poor credit and no credit) with a variety of lenders, financing, and leasing companies to cover the cost of new tires.

Repayment can take place over three, six, or 12 months.

Currently, the platform offers more than 50 tire brands and 20 wheel brands for sale. It also is able to recommend tires based on three categories: premium, best warranty, and greatest value. During the checkout process, Tire Agent helps users find a nearby installer and shows the cost of installation upfront.

Tire Agent has a network of over 600 tire distribution warehouses. The company is partnered with15,000 installation centers across the United States. Customers have the option of having their tires and wheels shipped to their home, shipped to a FedEx pick up location, or shipped directly to one of Tire Agent’s partnered installers.

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