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Toyota commits to 70 electrified products by 2025; here’s what’s coming

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Chris Teague

Toyota trademark filings reveal what is coming in its lineup.

Today Toyota committed to expand their company portfolio by around 70 models globally by 2025. That’s just four years from now. The company has said that of those 70-ish, 15 will be new battery electric vehicles and seven will be Toyota bZ models.

They’re not just talking about cars and SUVs. Toyota also says that it’s bringing electrification to its truck lineup including hybrid and BEV powertrains.

So, what exactly is coming? A little sleuthing and some educated guessing tells the story. It’s important to note that all the information below is of a speculative nature as Toyota, like every other automaker, is not in the habit of commenting on future product. It’s also important to remember that just because a product name has made the list, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will for-sure come to market.

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