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Toyota was the most searched-for auto brand in 2021

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Toyota was the most searched-for auto brand last year.

The last couple of years have shown everyone the benefits of working remotely, but many other aspects of daily life have moved online as well. Car buying has become increasingly digital, to the point that some people never even set foot on a dealer’s lot. As you might imagine, all those Google searches for new cars generates a ton of data, and Compare the Market has analyzed that data to find the most searched-for auto brand in each country for 2021.

While Toyota took the global top spot , some of the world’s largest auto markets were interested in other brands. Ford, whose F-Series trucks are the best-selling vehicles in America, earned the top spot here and in Canada. Nissan was the most searched brand in Mexico, and BMW earned the top spot in the UK.


Ford was the most popular vehicle brand in America.Compare the Market

It’s interesting to see the other auto brands included in the study. A few countries in Northern Africa searched heavily for Renault, and Mercedes squeaked into the continent in a few countries. Rolls-Royce, one of the most expensive and exclusive auto brands in the world, was the most-searched vehicle brand in Laos. Volvo and Audi are popular in their home markets and, in addition to its home country of South Korea, Hyundai was the most popular vehicle search in India, Argentina, Colombia, and last year. Tesla was the most popular vehicle search in China, where it has a factory and operates several physical locations.

Australian site Compare the Market compiled data from Google Trends to determine the most searched-for auto brands by country. The firm notes that Google Trends does not recognize Tesla as a vehicle brand, but the company is included in the study and ranks highly in some countries. Some countries are not included because of incomplete data.

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