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Toyota offers to buy back recalled bZ4X

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We’re just a couple of months into customer deliveries of the new Toyota bZ4X, and there’s already a problem. Earlier this year, Toyota recalled its brand-new EV and issued an advisory telling customers not to drive their vehicles. The issue involved hub bolts, which could come loose and allow the wheel to detach while at speed. Toyota has offered several remedies for the problem, and now we’re learning that the automaker is willing to buy back affected vehicles.

Courtesy of Toyota

Electrek tracked down a customer letter in which Toyota acknowledges that fixing the issue could take time. While they wait, Toyota offers to pick up the bZ4X and store it for free and will provide a loaner vehicle to affected customers. The automaker may also offer up to $5,000 in credit toward purchasing a new vehicle and could extend the factory warranties of specific units. 

If the customer is unsatisfied with Toyota’s proposed remedies, they may have the option to sell the vehicle back. Toyota says that terms and conditions may vary based on customer location and specifics of the original sale.

Courtesy of Toyota

It’s bad enough that customers have to deal with a recall so soon after purchasing their new EV, but some buyers are stuck wondering if they’ll get all their money back. Ongoing supply chain issues and parts shortages have made it hard for automakers to get inventory onto dealers’ lots, leading to markups and rising prices. Some buyers report having paid over MSRP for their bZ4X, so the question of whether they’ll be fully reimbursed remains. 

The Subaru Solterra, which shares much of its underpinnings with the bZ4X, is also affected, but there have been no customer deliveries yet. The Lexus RZ also shares plenty with the Toyota, but it’s not on the streets yet. 

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