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2024 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E Performance loses V8 for F1 Power

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2024 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E PERFORMANCE
Mercedes-AMG adapted Formula 1 turbo and hybrid tech for the new C 63.

Mercedes-AMG’s 63 models represent the near-top of the tuner’s catalog, second only to the 65-level cars and a few extra unique one-off models through the years. They’ve always delivered extreme performance and sound from big V8 engines, too, though that just changed in a big way with the 2023 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E Performance. Mercedes hasn’t divulged pricing and configuration details for the car but will release more information closer to its release sometime in 2023.

c 63

The 2024 C 63 ditches the traditional V8 in favor of an innovative turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a Formula 1-derived hybrid system. Mercedes claims the engine itself is the world’s most powerful four-cylinder, making 469 horsepower, and it’s supported by an electric turbocharger and a 150 kW (201 horsepower) electric motor on the rear axle. Total system output reaches 671 horsepower, and total torque measures 752 pound-feet, making the new model one of the most powerful cars in the AMG lineup.

Power for the rear wheels comes from the electric motor, giving the car all-wheel drive, but there’s more than meets the eye with this new powertrain. If the system detects slippage at the rear wheels, it can send the electric motor’s power to the front wheels to improve traction. It also provides the benefit of near-instant torque and can help the C 63 dig out of corners like none of its predecessors could. The powertrain and innovative drive tech send the C 63 S E Performance to 60 mph from a standstill in just 3.3 seconds.

c 63

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One technology makes its way into the car in the form of an electric turbocharger and high-performance battery system. Mercedes says the unit provides a 6.1-kWh battery and supports continuous output of 94 horsepower, which can expand to 201 horsepower for up to ten seconds. It also uses an electrically-assisted turbocharger that can spool much quicker than a traditional unit because it doesn’t have to wait on exhaust gases to build.

A nine-speed multi-clutch automatic transmission channels power and AMG Ride Control adaptive dampers keep the car planted. Eight AMG drive modes are available, including Sport, Battery Hold, Comfort, Sport+, and Race. The car’s hybrid system, suspension, throttle response, and many other functions change behavior with the selected drive mode.

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