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Tesla recalls more than a million vehicles over window pinching risk

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Tesla recalls
Tesla found that the window motors in more than a million vehicles could fail to sense a person's hand or arm, which may cause pinching.

When Tesla lands in the news, it’s frequently related to the automaker’s advanced driver aids, but now it’s facing a very traditional automotive challenge: Recalls. Tesla recently issued a recall for almost 1.1 million vehicles because of an electric window system that could pinch hands and arms before it detects a problem and reverses direction.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that the “window may exert excessive force by pinching a driver or passenger before retracting.” Affected models include the 2020-2021 Tesla Model Y, the 2021-2022 Model S and Model X, and the 2017-2022 Model 3. No injuries have been reported from an overly aggressive window system, but Tesla can’t be too careful. Company engineers discovered the issue during a “conformity of production testing” session in mid-August.

While many recalls require a physical fix to remedy the issue, Tesla can simply push an over-the-air update to its cars to recalibrate the windows’ automatic reversal system. Tesla models built after September 13, 2022, are in the clear, as they’ve received the software updates before leaving the factory.

Tesla recallsPhoto courtesy of Tesla Motors

If you’re worried that your Tesla could be involved in the recall, head to the NHTSA website. There, you can enter your VIN and determine if there are any open recalls for your vehicle. Otherwise, Tesla will notify affected owners by November 15 and roll out the software update free of charge to owners as a fix.

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