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Ford to stop taking 2022 Bronco orders in March

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Order banks close on March 8 for the 2022 Bronco.

The Ford Bronco continues to be in such high demand that production can’t keep pace. The ongoing chip shortage hasn’t helped matters, either, and now we know what Ford is doing about it. Members of the Bronco6G forum shared a letter sent to dealers that states orders for the 2022 Bronco will close on March 8. Ford confirmed the action to Autoblog.


Demand is so high that Ford has to pause orders to catch up. Ford

In order to come as close to meeting demand as possible, Ford says it removed factory paint protection film from all orders except for the Bronco Wildtrak. Dealers can install protective film after the purchase if it’s required. Additionally, Ford notes that the Trailer Tow package continues to be a speed bump for production, as 62 percent of buyers want the feature and the automaker can only accommodate 39 percent. To help customers get their vehicles in the 2022 calendar year, Ford recommends that the package be removed and, if a tow kit is absolutely necessary, replaced with a dealer-installed trailer hitch kit and wiring harness.


Orders for 2023, including the Bronco Raptor, open later this year.Ford

If you’re hoping to get a Bronco in 2022, act now, because the order banks close on March 8 at 3 PM EST. Orders for the 2023 Bronco, including the Bronco Raptor, won’t open until later this year. Additionally, Ford says if you want options coming in 2023, such as a painted roof, your reservation can remain and carry over to the new model year. While you’ll still be waiting a while, it’s a good idea to put in a reservation now if you have even an inkling of an idea that you’ll want a Bronco. Ford has already confirmed that allocations for the upcoming Bronco Raptor will go to existing reservation holders, so your best shot at getting a desirable configuration is to get in line now.

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