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Ford Ranger Raptor is coming to the U.S.

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Ford CEO Jim Farley confirmed the harder-core Ranger is coming here next year.

The Ford Ranger was already an aging pickup truck by the time it made its way back to the United States in 2019. Though it had been off the market for eight years in the states, the Ranger sold during that time in international markets, and the truck that arrived here was a revised version of the model sold elsewhere for years.


The Raptor gets several upgrades over the standard Raptor, including a sporty interior. Ford Motor Company

Now, however, Ford is releasing a new Ranger, and we’ll be treated to its virtues without a years-long wait, and the better news is that a Ranger Raptor is coming to the U.S. alongside the new model for the first time. Ford of Europe and other of the automaker’s divisions released an overview of the truck today, but in a surprise tweet, Ford CEO Jim Farley announced that the trucks are coming here next year.

Keep in mind that specs can change when the Ranger Raptor makes its way here, but the details Ford shared for the international version of the truck are tantalizing, nonetheless. Seven drive modes are available, including three for on-road driving and four for off-road driving, such as Baja, which pushes all settings to the max for high-speed off-roading. Ford says the trucks carry reinforced bodywork and unique suspension components to handle tough terrain. Fox 2.5-inch Live Valve internal bypass shock absorbers are standard.

The version of the truck we see here will get a twin-turbo V6 that makes 392 horsepower, which is more than plenty for a Ranger-sized truck. Baja mode helps reduce turbo lag for more responsive performance, and the active exhaust opens for better sound. Three other exhaust modes include quiet, normal, and sport.


The Ranger Raptor gets a powerful twin-turbocharged V6.Ford Motor Company

European deliveries of the new truck will start in the fourth quarter of 2022, but Farley’s tweet notes that the Ranger won’t show up here until 2023. We think its specs and promised performance make it more than worth the wait, however, so the only real question here is price. Rumors points to a starting price of around $53,000, which would make the truck Ford’s most affordable Raptor.

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