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GlamperRV, the Rolls-Royce of luxury motorhomes, launches new business class line

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No need to stay in a hotel room. GlamperRV takes business life on the road.

Usually known for their opulent motorhomes, GlamperRV is taking a step in a different direction with its latest offering. The GlamperRV Business Line takes work from home very seriously, whether it’s serving as a mobile office, or becoming your home away from home.

Touted as having “full business class facilities”, the model features a large central desk, LED lighting, bathroom, multiple USB charging points, a Wi-Fi hot spot, Nespresso coffee machine, large fridge/freezer, blackout blinds, and plug sockets without the need for an electric hook up (courtesy of a powerful in-built inverter).

GlamperRV Business Line

The interior of the model is spacious and welcoming.Photo courtesy of GlamperRV

Those amenities are in addition to a full kitchen, separate bedroom with a double bed, en-suite shower, additional drop down double bed, and a garage space for bikes or other storage. The motorhome can sleep up to four people and accommodate four to five around the desk.

The model measures 24.25 feet long and 7.64 feet wide.

Buyers are able to customize the model like they can with the traditional GlamperRV lineup. The options list includes large flat screen TVs, air conditioning, and exterior gas hookup for grilling.

“Working from home looks set to become the ‘new normal’ for many business people as a result of COVID-19,” said Lucy Caillé, managing director for GlamperRV. “Finding the right long-term solution for home working is now high on the agenda for many people – along with a safer overnight option for when we do need to travel to meetings and work away from home post lockdown, without the need to share facilities or stay in a hotel.

“It’s also an ideal solution for those who will need to return to work-away commuting a few days a week at business class standards. Thousands of pubs, farms and even vineyards across the country in addition to the more traditional campsites already offer overnight parking for RV campers.”

Pricing for customers in the U.K. is just under £75,000 + VAT. The model can be purchased outright or financed.

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