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Lexus teases electric concept car before its Tuesday debut

Chris Teague

Chris Teague

Lexus IS debuting a new concept car on Tuesday.

We already have an idea what it will look like. Now Lexus has teased something more intriguing about the concept vehicle they’ll be unveiling on Tuesday, March 31.

“Many wonder what the future will look like. But few ask how it will feel.” That’s what the company released alongside a new image of the vehicle, which can be seen above. This image focuses on the interior of the concept car, showing off shapely seats that deliver a luxury ride experience.

Superimposed on the image is what looks to be a large battery pack, which would traditionally be located on the floor of the vehicle below the cabin. Long, flat battery packs have been customary on new vehicles for the last few years.

The image also shows what looks to be an electric motor at the front centered behind two headlamps that have sharp, traditional Lexus aesthetics.

Another teaser photo, released last week, showcases the exterior of the vehicle in more detail. There, we see a front that appears snub-nosed, with a smaller grille than what can be seen on current Lexus sedans like the ES and IS. The hood comes nearly to the edge of front end but sweeps back in dramatic fashion thanks o shapely curves that guide the eye up to the windscreen.

[rebelmouse-image 25867561 photo_credit=”Photo courtesy of Lexus” caption=”The Lexus concept car front end looks to feature a smaller grille than current models, possibly because it’s an EV.” dam=”1″ site_id=19918384 pin_description=”” alt=”Lexus concept car preview 2021″ expand=”1″]
The Lexus concept car front end looks to feature a smaller grille than current models, possibly because it’s an EV.

Photo courtesy of Lexus

Lexus showed its signature checkmark-light daytime running lights under a singular headlight housing, where they were moved during the most recent round of vehicle fascia refreshes. On the concept car, the Lexus “L” badge at the front of the car is illuminated like the emblems on the front of Lincoln, Cadillac, and Mercedes SUVs. Cadillac has most recently shown the illuminated emblem on the forthcoming Lyriq all-electric crossover.

Last week it was assumed that the bubble on the hood of the car was for a large engine. Now it looks like it’s for aerodynamics as an automaker would not traditionally pair a battery pack that large with a gasoline engine. Plus, an engine isn’t shown in the see-through-like photo distribed most recently.

It’s important to remember that this car is merely a look at the future of design for the company and not necessarily a specific new vehicle that on the horizon. They’ve teased us before, remember.

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