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New Monogram service gives Lexus buyers more shopping, purchasing opportunities

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The Lexus Monogram digital shopping experience allows buyers to purchase and finance a vehicle from the comfort of their home.

The new Lexus Monogram retail experience is designed to provide flexibility to customers whether they’re purchasing or just browsing, enabling them to initiate and compete the car buying and financing process from the comfort of their home.

Designed in partnership with Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) and Lexus Financial Services (LFS), the Monogram program puts buying power back in the hands of the customer, shifting to fit their preferences. Customers can choose the path that works best for them by starting their journey online, saving their progress in the “digital garage” to pick up where they left off at the dealer, or completing their purchase at home or at their Monogram dealer.

Lexus Monogram logo

Lexus has created a new digital purchasing path for customers.Photo courtesy of Lexus

Lexus Monogram logo

The technology integrates with Lexus dealership inventory, allowing the dealerships’ customer relationship management system (CRM) to continue to hold weight. It also works directly with the LFS system to allow financing application and acceptance completely online, should the customer choose that path.

“Our goal is to create greater transparency with our guests and efficiency for our dealers – whether that’s in the showroom or online,” said Andrew Gilleland, group vice president and general manager, Lexus Division. “From increased flexibility for guests to enhanced technology for our dealers, Monogram provides our brand the tools to anticipate guest expectations today and into the future.”

The program is similar to Toyota’s SmartPath digital buying experience. It’s currently being piloted in select markets with plans to accelerate its availability through 2021. An all-new Monogram complete online experience, which expands to allow customers the ability to complete their purchase online, will roll out market by market starting in Spring 2021.

Lexus has recently added new products to its lineup that customers may want to shop for. The refreshed 2021 Lexus ES is currently on the market, as is the new Lexus LC 500 Convertible. Further revisions to the stable are expected in the coming year.

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