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Luxury auto brand loyalty is on the decline

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The days of sticking with one luxury car brand for life may be over. A recent study by Visual Capitalist found that brand loyalty is on the decline, especially across luxury brands. Major names like Land Rover, Porsche, and Lincoln all saw significant drops in customer loyalty between January 2020 and April 2022. 

Visual Capitalist’s results showed that Land Rover saw the largest downward movement in its customer loyalty. That comes in spite of the brand’s better-than-average “problems per 100,000 vehicles,” or PP100 score of 193. Porsche’s second-place finish came with an 8.5 percent drop in loyalty and a 200 PP100 score.

luxury auto brands
Luxury brand loyalty is declining. Courtesy of Visual Capitalist

As the study notes, it’s surprising to see major brands like Audi and Porsche on the list, because both offer extensive vehicle portfolios with EVs, gas, and many performance models. Though the situation is changing, most of the other brands on the list don’t yet offer an EV.

On the other side of the coin, three brands increased customer loyalty. Tesla, Maserati, and Genesis all came out with notable increases. Genesis, a relative newcomer to the luxury game, performed best, with an 8.5 percent increase in loyalty and just 156 PP100. The company split from Hyundai a few years ago and has already made a significant mark in the luxury market with value, quality, and an unbeatable warranty. 

Part of the challenge for luxury brands are the loads of features they have to pack into every vehicle to meet customer demands. The more “stuff” there is, the more there is to break. Complicated tech and luxury features also require a steep learning curve, which frustrates customers and leads to poor scores.

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